Annually we all get excited with the ‘pea fayre’ we hold in one of our rural Welsh home education groups.   Each child is given a ‘float’ of 10 dried chick peas and a table to hold a stall for raising more peas, which allows them to go shopping.

This year my younger children decided sell Rice Krispie cakes on their stalls

Making chocolate Rice Krispie image








They also wanted to earn ‘peas’ by asking the younger children to thread Cheerios cereals onto garden wire, tie them in a hoop for the children to hang in the garden at winter time










The older two children cut 6 hazel sticks, which they had harvested on thier winter ramblings , and arranged them into a 5 pointed star (using the method of each stick always goes over and under the next stick to keep it snug). We bound them with plain string but you could decorate them with anything you like.  We attached some rose hips and berries.