We have a little daily schedule we follow ( it’s not punctual !! Just a guide!!)

8.00 our last shower for 2014

9.00 am our last breakfast for 2014

10.00 making some 2015 cookies

400g plain flour

1tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp ground cinnamon

2 tsp ground ginger

quater tsp allspice

100g light brown sugar

4 tbsp treacle

1 egg

75g butter

number cutters

i mix all the ingredients, the butter and sugar first, make a dough ,roll it out and cut shapes, then cook at 190 deg c for 10 mins.image image













11.00 we blow up 6 balloons and write on 12 pm, 2 pm,  4 pm, 6 pm 8pm 10pm and 2015 , then make a bunting with some string and fix them to the window and we are all allowed to pop one each.















I like this ballon as it glows up in the dark with a small light inside.

12.00 our last lunch for 2014 (we make a vegetable home made soup)

1.00  I print out my time capsule papers, and let the children fill them in to put in a time capsule jar (which is an old clean jar), they also have some new year colouring in pictures.

image image image


















3.00  our last winter walk for 2014

5.00 Party food and ginger biscuits for 2014

6.00 this is when we celebrate new year with the children, my brother bought us a giant cracker to pull, and we have hot chocolates and glogg from ikea.image








6.30 our last family game together for 2014(It was enchanted forest this year)

7.00 a family movie for 2014 ( chatty chitty bang bang)

normally everyone is asleep before midnight, but us adults try to make it!!!