Spring flower bouquet picture -a recycling tutorial – Mother’s Day idea for children

Spring is peeking its little head through the earth so we thought we would make a Spring picture for our hallway.💐

you will need :-

a supply of egg boxes to make as many as you want flower heads

acrylic paint

modge podge


glue gun


buttons or addornments

green pipe cleaners

cotton bud cleaner

yellow ribbon

A4 canvas or bigger or smaller


We painted the canvas a duck egg blue using the acrylic paints.  We cut out the egg boxes trying to add a curve to each petal, this is hard for little fingers, so an adult may be required.

Paint the egg boxes with paint and sprinkle on some glitter.  Let them dry.  Coat them with mod podge allow to dry and go hard.

Using a glue gun, glue little buttons and beads to the inside of the flower, then glue the egg box to the canvas.

Using a cotton bud tip, dab spots ( I choose yellow/white) inside the petals.

Tie the pipe cleaners together with ribbon and a bow, and glue down

I would love to see your art pieces,  please send me a pictures 💕

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