Daily we embrace a nature walks, a special treat is Bodnant Gardens, our local National Trust attraction. (We have and annual discounted card for home educators.)

The gardens are bustling with retired pensioners ( who always are brimming with criticism of children not being in school,  which can destroy a day).

vibrant rainbow flowers, sweet intoxicating aromas make you are giddy with the smell.

We skip through bluebells, and hang from the meadows trees.  We run our fingers through leafy tress which look like giant hairy beasts, their faces on the trunks watching us.

We dip our hands in to the ice cold rivers, the bubbling rushing noise  mesmerising  magical.  The children catch tadpoles in their tiny fairy like hands and squeals of delight fill the air as the tadpoles wiggle free in the childrens hands.

The laburnum arch is the main attraction, at the moment little green grape like pods are about to burst, maybe it’s next week? We ask ourselves, What if it’s in the school holidays, what if we can’t come?

We spend and a few hours walking around before heading home, excited with what will have flowered the next time we go.