I have decided this year to write about our daily advent activities, hopefully to give you some inspiration.

Advent chocolates and Christmas story books.

It is dark outside, I light some candles and I put out some green foliage decorations.  The children slumber cosy in their beds.

Dozily they come into the lounge and slowly realise OUR advent has begun.

They open a chocolate from their 1st December door, happily munching away.

Then we read a Christmas book, from the pile we borrowed from our local library. We read a new one each day.


Porridge for breakfast, a windy walk, collecting for our wreath.

We make the wreath and light our first candle.

The first light of advent, is the light of the stones, the light that shines in seashells, in crystals and in bones.  The light that shines within us.