imageMy husband has Dutch roots, so yeah it’s time to celebrate!!!  The morning starts with wooden clogs by the fire, they were stuffed with chocolates for the children to devour.

Next we made some Speculaas, a Dutch biscuit as follows

250g plain flour

150g butter

140 g dark brown sugar

1 teaspoon of baking soda

1.5 teaspoon of speculaas spices ..if you can cinnamon and allspice helps

4 tablespoons of milk

mix together the butter and sugar, then add the rest of the ingredients.  Roll out on a floured surface, we are lucky to have moulds( which you fill with cornflour and slam down on the work top to make it fall out)

Here is our first you tube on how to do this.

bake 15 min at 170 deg c

next we made Banketstaff

300g marzipan/ almond paste

300g pre made puff pastry

1 egg beaten

Jam And icing sugar to decorate.

Cut puff pastry to a strip of 12 X 40 cm, coat the outside with water

Roll the marzipan into a log 3 cm shorter than the pastry

Put the marzipan inside the pastry and roll like a sausage roll.  Brush on beaten egg.





Bake 225 deg c for 25 mins




Then off to our local town to see Father Christmas, and windy firework display to open the local new beach front leisure centre.  A busy tiring day.