imageimageBundled up in the car on a long journey to our nearest Steiner school, we walked an advent Spiral.   Holding an apple with a candle inside, everyone quietly sang and guitar music played whilst we walked to the centre to light our candle then walked out leaving our candle nestled among the pine branches.

Beautiful to see young and old, different nationalities, side by side together, in peaceful harmony.

We shared home made vegetarian soup and curries, and crafted snowflakes, and I bought a lovely second hand book, to snuggle round the fire with.

We had hot chocolate with thick cream and chocolate sprinkles.  The children had a red and white striped candy cane from the tree, to melt into their warm drinks.


We then lit our 2nd advent candle.

The light of plants, plants that reach up to the sun,  and in the breezes dance.