Annually, a local group of home educated children gather for a ‘pea fayre’.

The children decide different ideas to have on their stall, this year my children had 3 cans which they decorated with a Rudolph reindeer face, you then had to roll a marble on the table towards them, and which ever tin it hit, you had what was inside, there was 3 tins :- one empty, one sweet or three sweets.  The children loved it.  The younger children had paper plane paper making kits and helped to make them with each other.

The room was buzzing with a lovely atmosphere, for hours the children spent their pot of earnt peas on each others stalls.  They bundled off home with armfuls of crafts they had made or goodies they had bought.

I am so privileged and grateful to be part of a beautiful group of people, who are all so passionate about the children.

Later on my daughter had her girl guides Christmas fair, and the other had a stage rehearsal for her Christmas dance performance.

A busy busy day.  Photos to be uploaded.