The countdown to 2016

08.00 the last 2015 breakfast. We printed off some photo booth props.

09.00 We make some cookies with 2016 cutters.

10.00.   Make our New years house out of gingerbread




12.00  blow up balloons for our hourly countdown to 2016

13.00. Print out a time capsule

14.00 A family game …this year it’s cranium.

15. 00 A children’s magic show…. The older children did some tricks for the little ones.  The look on thier faces was priceless!!!


18.00   Happy half a New year, ( we celebrate this way so that the younger children can enjoy the celebration) we pop the final balloon and  light some sparklers.

19. 00 A New Year’s Eve walk along the beach. It was dark and stars shimmered in the inky black sky. We spotted some shooting stars and made our wishes.

20.00  A New Years movie and the children slowly drift into sleep mode!