We have done 2 random acts of kindness this month.

Firstly I heard about an elderly lady who had broken her hip, and was in hospital for 3 weeks.  Whilst I was happy taking photos of snowdrops, it dawned on me the removal from nature the ill are.  I was talking with her son, who was making a visit, and I gave a snowdrop fairy, that we had made, to her.  It really made her day and she had a photo sent to me, with her and her snowdrop fairy.  A sweet childhood memory of snowdrops and fairys will hopefull make her happy.

The other random act of kindness was one of my children made an Easter bunting.  We then posted it to an old peoples home for them to hang up for their clients.

Spreading love, nature and magic to each other, uplifts the soul.

What do you do?