dsc04934How about decorating your home with your children and make some adorable cushions to snuggle into?

Our winter is dark and cold, so is our house !!!I go to our local habidashary store with the children and let the kids help choose the colours, texture and patterns.

I measure the size of the cushion, which in this case is 24 inches.  Then I cut the exact square size of 24 X 24 inches out of the fabric, this is for the front piece.

I like to do the envelope style for the back panel, and cut two pieces 24 by  12 inches plus 2 inches hem ( ie 14 inches).

I hem the edge of the envelope doors.

Put the good side fabric facing each other, then sew around the edge leaving a 2 cm gap.

Snip off a triangle on each corner to make the edges sharp. Hey presto a lovely cushion. Xx