This month we read Julie of the Wolves in our home education book group, hosted by Nurturestore.   This has been one of our favourite read loud books for older children.  We learnt about survival, traditions, eskimos, wolves, relationships, marriage, animal behaviour, hunting, survival skills and much more.

During our home education meet up we discuss the list of questions presented to us, then we share our art / craft discoveries that we have made with each other.  Sharing our thoughts and feelings in a group leads to better retention of information.  Group work allows children to share diverse perspectives and experiences and teaches respect of others.  We try to read a book together as a family as it opens up a shared experience for us all. It is so easy to get absorbed into a book on your own and have no one to talk it through with.

I hope you get the chance to read a book with your family and this is one I can recommend (aimed at 12-13 age onwards).