My daughter was fond of the JOJO Hair bow, so of course, I said why don’t we try and make some out of some ribbon we had.


This is what we did.

Cut  30 inches of a 1.5 ribbon. 1cm ribbon.
Fold the whole ribbon in half, (a)
then fold 2 inches up on each end to make a crease mark.(b, c)
Then fold the whole ribbon in half again (d)
Open the whole ribbon up, the crease show you where to fold.
Fold (a) onto (d) it makes A x shape (e)
Then put (d) onto (e)
Then make 3rd loop, tuck (d) ribbon tail between the x you made.
To make the final loop put the tail onto (e)
You should have 4 bows make sure they look even.
Then fold the finished bow in half lengthwise
Fold each side to make an accordion fold
Warp with some wire 3 times, pincer squeeze close
The bow is finished
Wrap a knotted piece of fabric around the middle and secure with a glue gun
Then add an aligator clip in the back.
Have fun wearing it!