The craze of loom bands hit us and left us! My house was full of loom bands and I was forever hoovering them up. There are so many books and you tube videos on how to make different bracelets and items, which are very easy to find on Google.

Loom band craze filled my childrens life for a long time, plenty of different designs and creations made. I helped with none of it. My children sold a lot of loom band bracelets, when they went to social events to make some pocket money.

Loom bands build children’s self esteem. A child is able to start and finish a project with a little help. It relaxes the mind and requires a long period of concentration. Reading skills, interpretation of information, improves fine motor skills, strengthens finger muscles to encourage pencil grip and dexterity. Basic maths skills, and geometry terminology is used, making maths a part of everyday life.

Children can create something using the preset formulae, or they can be creative and free- range. Whatever suits their personality type.

So I am not throwing away the left over loom bands, I am saving them for a rainy day, as I am certain they will be back in fashion again!!