Oh we all love a monster, and what a brilliant way to let your mind run wild with creating your own, but in the form of a book!!

First of all cover a piece of card (an old cereal box would do) with some brown paper.

Then draw on the brown paper, we made our book hairy so we added dashes of fur onto ours.

Then for the fun bit, the eyes. Using cotton wool, and a circle cut out of black paper for the pupil, stick these into a toilet tube inner and squish to shape so you can glue them onto the book cover.

Don’t forget to add some scary fangs as well, we coloured ours with red felt tip pens.

You can make a girl or a boy monster book, have 1 to 100 eyes, you could decorate with shiny tinfoil for a scaly dragon, let your imagination run wild for what you can do.

Have lots of fun making one!!