Have you tried out Hamma beads with your children yet? If not, I highly recommend buying some from your local hobby store. We have accumulated several styles over the years, hearts, butterfly’s, frogs etc. I recommend buying squares and circles to start off with. Buy the smaller ones too.


The children can use a rainbow of colours to play with, the more the merrier!!

They place the hamma beads onto the pegs.

Then an adult should Iron, on a high temperature, the hamma beads, through some greaseproof paper.

The hamma beads melt into each other and look melted.

Peel it off the board and allow to cool.

Only speaking from experience, if the children start working on a large square and loose enthusiasm – they want to iron what they have made. I ended up melting the pegs that had no hamma beads on, which meant that only a certain section was usable.

We use what the children have made as gifts, (coasters for their uncle at Work!)

I hope you have fun making some with your children.