Ever wondered what do to with all those odds and end of wax crayons the kids had? Melt them!!

Melting everyday children’s colouring crayons is very sensory and rewarding.

Cover the space you are working with in newspaper. (Cover carpeted floors too !!!)

Over a plain piece of a4 paper scratch a stick crayon (make sure they scrape away from themselves). You should get little curls and pieces of crayon.

If you layer them up into a pile you I’ll get a dark melted mix of paper, by spreading them out, a better piece of work is created.

Cover the work in a piece of greaseproof paper then on a medium heat melt the crayon shavings. Lift off the greaseproof paper. You should be left with a beautiful pattern and mix of colours.

Using a cocktail stick draw a picture, name or pattern of your choice.