I am not a master of doll making by no means, but this is a average mums version of giving it a go!! I will share with you how I made Anna and elsa from Frozen.

Get a sock and some wadding and stuff your sock.


Squige a a head shape only in the top of your sock, choosing the best profile as your front.

Thread a needle and cotton and tie a security knot at the back and wrap a cross shape around the face for a rough eye and centre of head location.

Then wrap one around the neck for the throat, smoothing all the wrinkles to the back of the head.

Then sew a circle shape for the nose that it puckers up into a lump.


Lie the head in an a4 shape piece of cloth so the head is half way down the cloth and fold the cloth over the head, so the head is in the middle crease line.

I used some cream brushed cotton.

Smooth all the wrinkles to the back of the head, so it’s hidden in the hair.

Using cream cotton, sew the the hair line tight so the face is smooth and see under the chin.


Next make  the arms and legs, my arms are one half times the length of my head and the legs are double the length of the head.

Sew the strips together, the turn the right way round and stuff.



Then wrap wool around a book about 25 times secure the middle section of the hair by putting sellotape either side of the book, cut the ends of the hair, by running the scissors along the bottom half of the book.


Sew the middle of the hair between the two pieces of sellotape using a piece of paper to stop it getting caught in the machine.

Sew the first two hair pieces on the middle of the head. then the third one is slightly tilted to the side to give a bit of character.

I always sew Around the ear lines to stop that flyaway look!!
I use black felt and cut out a pair of eyelashes.

I use pink fabric paint for the cheeks and pink embroidery cotton from the mouth, idea into the back of the head to give depth to the mouth.