You will need:-

stockmar block crayons

stockmar  stick crayons.

a4 white paper


I start by showing the children how to draw a circle with a crayon.  I start from the inside and work outwards, I don’t draw a circle and colour it in.

The crayon should be held flat to the page, not like a pencil grip position.

They draw a circle, oval and egg. Working from the middle outwards.

I then do the same with a square, rectangle and cylinders.

I then do a triangle shape, a pear shape and a Paisley shape.

Drawing a tree is a great place to start.  The tree trunk can be a cylinder shape and the bushiness  of the tree can be described as ‘lopsided circles’.

Once you have use one colour, why not use another complementary colour ontop?

What art did you create today?