I am a self taught crocheter, so everything’s a bit highly piggly, but the passion to create is always in me.

I wanted to make some crocheted socks, rather than knitted ones.  I needed something I could keep in my handbag that  didn’t matter if the needle fell out, (as with numerous accidents with knitting socks).

I had a ball of sock yarn, which I have come to dislike as it just feels too thin and I want something thick again, but these are sweet for Summertime socks.

Here we go…

Chain 4.
Round 1: 6 hdc in 1st ch, sl st to join.Ch 1.
Round 2: 2 hdc in each hdc around, join w sl st. Ch 1. (14 hdc.)
Round 3: *1 hdc in 1st hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc; repeat from * 6 times. Join with sl st. (21 hdc.) For size small, your toe is finished. Continue to Foot portion. For sizes Medium and Large, complete round 4.
Sizes M & L only: Round 4: Ch 1 * 1 hdc in 1st two hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc; repeat from * 6 times. Join with sl st to first hdc. 28


Row 19 (28 sts) 1 hdc, 2hdc repeat all round. This allows a bit more freedom around the arch of the foot.  (40 sts) continue until row 32

Heel work

Row 32. Hdc 20 sts then turn work and sc in these 20 sts, turn, skip a stich and sc 19 turn , skip stich, sc 18 turn, skip stick and sc 17 etc until you are down to 11.  ( you are decreasing the heel and making a triangle shape)

Now you are going to increase, but each time you get to the end of the row, add anoth sl st from the side, so you almost make a little pixie boat.

The heel is done and you can hdc, all the way up I did 11 rows.

Rib working

I love the look of this, and it is easy, you  hdc in front, then hdc behind.. There are lots of videos on you tube to help you do this.

I did 7 rows.

Hey presto a cute little pair of socks.