We wanted to wear these disks as necklaces, but you could attach them to your coat jacket as a zip pull or on your car key rings. The ideas are endless.

We have been focussing on seaside shells, as our theme. We found some stunning images of shells under a microscope, their beauty, I personally found, was stunning. I won’t take a shell for granted again!!

I told the children to look at the shapes and patterns of each shell, and to break it down into three simplist of forms, circles and straight lines.

Our tools were only a limited selection of numbers and letters and florist wire. Some of us tried to bend wire into an outline shape, and gently hammered this into the aluminium (cover in masking tape first), then we decorated it using the numbers and letters shapes. We filled them off to make them smooth.

We decided to do them in pairs, so they looked like a shell.