I have 5 heads of hair to look after, and for us to go to the hair dressers would cost a small fortune.

Ever since the children have been little, I have trimmed their hair. The girls were easy (maybe because I have seen how hairdressers have done mine). When my son was born, I was grateful to have technology in the home, and you tube tutorials, to help me out, as its so much harder to do a boys hairstyle.!!

My children watch me do their siblings, they learn so much through observation. It gives them confidence for the future, that they too could put thier hand to hairdressing.

Do you cut your childrens hair? If not, why dont you give it a go? You can get hairdressing scissors from your local chemist. (I got mine from a hair dressing warehouse. )There are plenty of tutorials on the internet to suit your childs styles.

Go on give it a go?