We have been joining in our local home education groups Horse riding sessions.  We have been block booking 6 week lessons, at a really reduced rate.

The children have learnt a wide range of knowledge on the upkeep of horses. They studied how to groom a horse, and all the checks that need to done to keep a horse in tip top health. They looked at their diet, especially for different seasons, some of the horses don’t go out in winter, due to the fields being too wet, and the grass not good enough quality. They also learnt about the dangers of several wild plants such as ragwort, and how to remove it safely. Keeping clean stables, and mucking out was not high on their list of fun, but they enjoyed it all the same!!

Teaching children about all the hard work horses need is essential for them to appreciate the riding lesson itself. I thought looking after our doggie was hard work, but horses are definitely a more hard work!

Two of my children fell off horses when they were younger, (their friend had one that they used to play on but he was a grumpy horse). This opportunity arose in our home education group and reluctantly they joined in. They had to overcome their fears, and get back onto a horse again. They were on lead reign for a long period of time, but eventually they managed to canter on their own. A great personal achievement and a boost of personal confidence.  Now they adore horses!!

The exercise is so beneficial to children, giving them good inner core muscle and strengthening their thighs. It gave them ability to receive and follow commands from their instructor.

How about gathering some of your local home educating friends and see what offers your stables could offer your children?