Have you been down to the woods today??? We love to go for a play in the woods, any time of year. The range of fun you can have in the woods with children is amazing. In this photo we even found a skull, maybe a fox or a badger, (maybe you can help?) it was an exciting find.

We have always loved to build houses – for the fairys, gnomes, wood folk and our selves.

If you can find a tall branch with a v at the top. This is the door way branch. Try to push this branch into the soil to secure a position. Then use another longer branch to rest between the v and down to the ground this is the ridge of the roof. Then using branches lay them on each side of the ridge to create walls. Cover this with some foliage to give a waterproof secure home.

The imagination can run wild when a child designs and builds their own house. They create rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, lounges, with make believe logs for chairs. We make plates out of leaves, and cups out of acorn husks.

A little posy of flowers brightens up a den giving it a magical homely feel. Then the floor is swept clean with a few twigs.

I do hope you get out to go and build a den with your children.