Each year I print this sheet off I create and let the kiddos fill it in.  I squirrel it all away until they grow old, and look back on their life.  My youngest wants to be a Jedi when he grows up!! Who knows where life will take him!!!

The earth has 365 days to orbit, it’s the beginning of a wonderful new year.
Reflect on 2017, and get excited for 2018.
Here are some prompts to help you. I hope you enjoy it

All about me

My Name

My Age

My Height

My Shoe size

My Favourite food

My Favourite band

My Favourite hobbies

Saying goodbye to 2017

What skill have I learnt?

What’s the favourite thing I made?

What have I done for my community?

What’s your happiest moment?

What’s your saddest moment?

What’s your greatest achievement?

What’s your favourite book you have read this year?

Saying hello to 2018

What would I like to learn?

How can I achieve this?

Where would I like to visit?

How can I achieve this visit?

What do I want for my future?

How can I achieve this?

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