Warm pizza swirls fresh from the oven are packed into a lunch box, rucksacks filled with drinks and snacks. We get the wellie boots, hat and gloves for everyone. Then bundle into the car for our weekend adventure walking in the Snowdonia range.

Map in hand we talk about where we want to walk and the problems like boggy areas, rocks faces, ice, weather conditions, emergency phoning (oh yes do you know that you can call 999 if you dont have a signal on your phone, or credit in your account), then we choose our route and estimate the time it will take.

Walking in the solitude of the mountains is a humbling experience for us all, the quiet of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and insistent technology calling us. We feel just the wind on our faces and the sunlight on our skin. It is good for us all to be the in the stillness.

If you can try to head out with your children to the countryside, and find your peace and quiet space. Take a picnic, or a warm drink to mark the special occasion.

So where will you go?